Sometimes, while arguing with vegans, when they are running out of arguments, there is a point, where the real reason why thy are vegan comes to the fore, which is just simplymisanthropy.

They don′t like animals that much, they just hate humans.

Mankind is described as being a “cancer” our world has to be “cured” of, a “disease” that should be “exterminated” for the sake of our planet Earth… They also claim that animals are “innocent”which is of course wrong1and that animals never ever would do all the cruel things evil mankind does.

While looking for good sources to document this beyond the scope of the personal experiences of myself and other people I talked to, I found some interesting things that show me that this problem is not as new as I may have tought. For example, already the old Link:Freiherr von Knigge wrote:

Leider verharrt ein erschreckend großer Teil der Tierfreunde, vor allem aber der Tierschützer, auf diesem ethisch höchst gefährlichen Standpunkt. Nur jene Tierliebe ist schön und veredelnd, die der weiteren und allgemeineren Liebe zur gesamten Welt der Lebewesen entstammt, deren wichtigster und zentraler Teil die Menschenliebe bleiben muss: [...] Wer aber, von menschlichen Schwächen enttäuscht und verbittert, seine Liebe der Menschheit entzieht und sie an Hund oder Katze wendet, begeht zweifellos eine schwere Sünde [...]. 2


Unfortunately, a frightenly big number of animal lovers shares this very dangerous standpoint. Only a love of animals that is part of a love to all living beings is a noble one, where the most important part must be and must remain the love to mankind. [...] Those whodisgusted by human weaknessesturn away their love from mankind and turns it to pets instead, without any doubt are commiting a terrible sin.

This brilliant man lived in the 18. century. Obviously, certain things did not change since then…

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2: Source: www.vobs.at