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The Antivegan Blog

2015-12-23, This site will no longer be maintained

Once upon a time, I had an account on YouTube. Then those retards decided to force people into Google+. Then I no longer had an account on YouTube. Then I tried to somehow do something here, for maybe a year or two, but, let′s face it, this never was something I did wholeheartedly, and to this day, I actually do not really know what to do with it … or maybe I do now: I′ll scrap it. as a whole is going to be updated in the foreseeable future, but the English version will not be a part of it. Neglected websites there may be many, but this one will not be a part of it, I′d rather have a well maintained German version only.

And yes, now that they no longer force us into Google+, I still do not think I will create another account on YouTube. Those things cost way too much time and effort than they are worth.

Have a nice day, Yours sincerely, Zach