2014-05-11, the Bambi-syndrome

Nature is cruel. Animals kill each other in the worst ways, sometimes, they abuse one another even just for the fun of it, they rape, they betray, and predators don′t kill only the weak and inform because they have a sense of sustainability of resources, no, they do it, because it′d be suicidal to go after animals like fully grown bulls; had they a realistic chance doing so, they would.

All this is known to people who know nature and/or natural processes. Nature′s definitely not a paradise, where all critters live in peace and friendship, nature′s cruel, brutal, injust and unforgiving.

The problem is that all this is unknown to the average wealthy, urban kid, which may mislead people into thinking that … nature … is just perfect and all cruelty and suffering is caused by man. We call this way of thinking the “Bambi-Syndrome”, and it probably is the most prominent reason why people go vegan.

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